Michelle Smith, Created in isolation, The Courier, June 2020

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Australian Art Collector 2013

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Art Insight, August 2011

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Andrew McIlroy (profile), ArtsHub, 17 February 2010

SBS radio interview with Andrew McIlroy,

French Program February 2010

The Australian, 8 February 2010

Against the Tide (media kit)

Plunge essay by Brenda Colahan 2009

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Artist Profile by Carrie Lumby, Sydney 2005

Andrew McIlroy capturing his view of Prince Henry at Little Bay,

Landcom publication 2005

Andrew McIlroy at Little Bay, Landcom publication 2005



Andrew McIlroy, “I believe in deeply ordered chaos”, Francis Bacon: The artist’s dark

pursuit of reason, March 2018

Andrew McIlroy, Lack of mainstream recognition prompts identity crisis: Subversive graffiti

culture holding back its ‘street art’ prodigy, Feb 2018

Andrew McIlroy, Manchester Art Gallery courts controversy with the removal of famous

pre-Raphaelite painting: As artists fall from grace, must their art be condemned as well,

Feb 2018

Andrew McIlroy, Experimental arts ‘outside our cities’ gain ground: Non-permanent funding

may give the arts a more secure and creative future, Feb 2018

Andrew McIlroy, Sydney’s summer group art shows carry risks, some worth taking: A review of Nanda\Hobbs Contemporary’s 2017 Summer Exhibition, Jan 2018

Andrew McIlroy, An artist’s present-day view of the ‘History Wars’: Middle ground not the

answer to Australia Day race tensions, Jan 2018

Andrew McIlroy, Melbourne Art Fair reignites tensions ahead of 2018 launch, Jan 2018

Andrew McIlroy, Hollywood elite’s push for new social order lacks moral authority of past movements, Jan 2018

Andrew McIlroy, ‘Transformer’: Provocateur Gareth Sansom and his 2017-18 NGV

Retrospective, Jan 2018

Andrew McIlroy, NGV Triennial triumph ironically exposes public galleries’ failure to grasp

how art should function in a changing world, Jan 2018

Andrew McIlroy, From Sydney to Genoa – Lucky flea market finds, advanced technology

and new research unearth sensational lost paintings, December 2017

Andrew McIlroy, NYC Metropolitan Museum refusal to remove painting that petition says ‘sexualises’ girl evokes 2008 Bill Henson controversy, Dec 2017

Andrew McIlroy, Camille Claudel: More than Rodin’s muse, Dec 2017

Andrew McIlroy, For better or worse: The potency of artist rivalry, Dec 2017

Andrew McIlroy, Being true has its price: NGV Wilson Security protestors inadvertently put

funding of ‘leftist’ art to the test, Nov 2017

Andrew McIlroy, Archibald Prize: Pointing to a difference between male and female

portraitists sets back feminism in the arts, Nov 2017

Andrew McIlroy, Artists, copycats and other villains: The pursuit of authenticity in

contemporary art, Nov 2017

Andrew McIlroy, Australian War Memorial breaks new ground to honour war art, Nov 2017

Andrew McIlroy, Selling art and managing expectations: Artists, galleries and the truth

behind the ‘Paradox of Choice’, Nov 2017

Andrew McIlroy, Melbourne’s ‘Not Fair’ Art Fair 2017 – An exercise in artist branding or the beginnings of a bold, new art movement, Nov 2017

Andrew McIlroy, “No-one was expecting a forgery as brazen as this”: New book on Whiteley forgery scandal ignites debate on how the law lets down the Art World.  Can a fragile public confidence be rebuilt?, Nov 2017

Andrew McIlroy, The enduring place of the artist’s muse behind ‘Great Art’, Nov 2017

Andrew McIlroy, ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ masks financial strain – Art galleries forced to

rethink their future, again, Oct 2017

Andrew McIlroy, Whiteshirts, postmodernists and their takeover of the AGNSW, Oct 2017


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