• Andrew McIlroy
  • Andrew McIlroy

Highlighted Works

Andrew McIlroy, 'Ellenborough Falls' (2020)

Oil on linen, 117 x 112 cm

Andrew McIlroy, 'Passage' (2019) (Details)

Oil, wax on linen

Greeting cards, available on request

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Latest News

27 October 2020

Andrew McIlroy

'Everyone is an artist', but not everyone can make art: Artists in a post-Covid world

6 July 2020

Andrew McIlroy

This too shall pass: Reflections on mortality, vanity and the transience of life ... in Hobart Town

14 May 2020

Andrew McIlroy

"A happy childhood is hardly worth your while": My messy life as an artist

9 April 2020

From Hibbing to Hobart: The timely new releases from music legends Bob Dylan and Ian Paulin

16 April 2020

Andrew McIlroy

'Put to good use': Sculptor Bruce Armstrong puts his back into painting

5 October 2020

Andrew McIlroy

"It's like fighting God": Why the absence of bushfire in contemporary Australian art is baffling

23 July 2020

Andrew McIlroy

From Paris to Woolloomooloo: Artists integral place as 'exhibition objects'

28 April 2020

Andrew McIlroy

Re-imaginings: Nostalgia and cultural memory in the paintings of Dani McKenzie and McLean Edwards

4 May 2020

Andrew McIlroy

"Buy clothes of buy pictures": Gertrude Stein's timeless advice on collecting 'acrochable' art

Andrew McIlroy, 'Plunge' Oil on linen, 183 x 152 cm

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Passage: New Paintings by Andrew McIlroy

Passage: New Paintings by Andrew McIlroy

Now showing April 2021

at Artvisory Gallery

409 Malvern Road, South Yarra

Andrew McIlroy (2019)

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