• Andrew McIlroy

Summer reading: The six most popular art articles of 2019

Sitting back after Christmas, our minds turn to the end of one year and the beginning of another. No doubt 2019 for many of us has been a mixed year of highs and lows, disruption and uncertainty, joy and thanksgiving.

As it is for those of us taking an active interest and part in the art world. But we continue to strive to do our best, engage in rancorous debate, and challenge ideas and perhaps long standing norms. That's what artists do. I am proud of our community and thank God every day for the eclectic bunch that give it breath.

Here is a short list of 2019 favourites from my blog. It represents a bit of a snapshot and a reflection on this past busy year. I have enjoyed your feedback, both the good and the less-than-good, but that all remains part of putting oneself out there.

I hope dear friends you enjoy your end of year celebrations and my heartfelt best wishes go out to you all for a wonderful, safe and prosperous 2020.

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